Doug Crompton on 12 Apr 2005 01:49:51 -0000

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I am using a Sharp Aquos 32" LCD driven with 30 foot high quality
component video cables. The pictures are very good in HD. Most of the
comments I have read state mostly inperceivable differences when using
component vs. digital connections. The sharp has just about every form of
input including VGA so it would work with most any computer card.

This is such a muddled market at the moment. Even in the windows world
there are many compatibility issues with many cards. I like the ATI cards
and many including older all in wonders are supported through the GATOS
project. The latest AIW cards use the Rage Theater 200 chip which is not
yet supported but will be supported later this year.

It also appears that few if any have component video out. ATI has a DVI to
component adapter.

This is from the ATI site regarding there HDTV wonder card....

Information regarding Broadcast Flag legislation . According to FCC.s
Broadcast Flag Order (MB Docket 02-230) adopted November 4, 2003, Digital
TV receiver products (like the HDTV WONDER) built on and after July 1,
2005 are required to protect certain digital TV broadcasts. The
legislation does not affect HDTV receiver products manufactured before
July 1, 2005 (or sold any time after). As such, the HDTV WONDER. will
continue to function exactly in the same manner it does today past the
July 1, 2005 legislation date.


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