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Re: [PLUG] undo mkfs?

sean finney wrote:

>On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 02:17:56PM -0400, Art Alexion wrote:
>>Is there any way to undo an errant mkfs.ext3?  When deleting some other
>>partitions, I hadn't noticed that what was once hde3 had been made hde2
>>upon exiting cfdisk.  I executed mkfs on the wrong partition.  Haven't
>>written anything else to it.  Is there anyway to recover the data?
>yes, but probably not the filesystem itself.  first things first, take
>a dd of the partition and hold onto it somewhere.  then, take a look
>at the coroners toolkit/lazarus to see what you can grab off of the
>disk.  there's a good chance there will be recoverable data, but it will
>definitely take a large amount of time, so it's up to you to decide
>whether or not it's a worthwhile effort ;/
Sean, should I use lazarus or unrm? 

This is a 26 GB partition that had about 23 GB of data at the time and I
don't have that kind of space elsewhere.


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