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Re: [PLUG] undo mkfs?

On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 08:59:32PM -0400, Art Alexion wrote:
> This is a 26 GB partition that had about 23 GB of data at the time and I
> don't have that kind of space elsewhere.

i don't think unrm will be of much help to you, because iirc unrm
is for recovering files from their deleted inodes.  if you've mkfs'd
on top of your old filesystem, chances are you've lost any hope of
recovering the filesystem metadata.

soo..., you're going to want to use something like lazarus.  lazarus
will scan across the device block by block, flagging files by
the type of data they appear to be.   this works great for smaller
(<= 48k) text files and documents[1], but you're probably going to have
to do a bit more legwork to recover larger files, if it's possible
at all.  be prepared to spend a ridiculous amount of time on this
and getting very familiar with dd and bvi (or some other hex editor).


[1] from my own, um, experiences, i found that 13 blocks into a file
    would be found a block of what was probably some fs metadata, after
    which the file usually continued, but ymmv.

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