Jay Strauss on 15 Apr 2005 13:43:32 -0000

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[PLUG] SOHO fileserver and misc setup/admin needed


I'm in Chicago, and a member of our Chicago area Linux users group (http://clug.chicago.il.us).

Anyway, my brother in law, in Philly, needs someone to setup a fileserver (samba) for 2 businesses that he runs out of the same physical space. So he'll need public and private directories for both businesses. Probably something like a old box running a raid 1.

Also he'll need various other things: backups (both local and maybe some sort of offsite), cable router setup (he's got a linksys or dlink (I can't remember)), proper switch and network setup for ~10 computers (windows), maybe a mail server, maybe some remote admin once in a while....

I was hoping you guys could recommend someone from the philly group. Otherwise he'll end up talking to someone who will set him up M$ and we don't want that.

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