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[PLUG] Job Posting: System Administrator, ATX

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System Administrator - Linux/UNIX

For 20 years, ATX has been helping businesses communicate and compete
with peak efficiency. 

Since our inception in 1985, we've evolved into one of the largest and
most successful telecom companies in the nation. We're still guided by
the same visionary management team that built our organization from a
small start-up software venture to a $300 million market leader.
Today, we're providing integrated solutions to hundreds of thousands
of businesses and consumers, including many of our first customers who
selected ATX as their strategic partner more than a decade ago.

We are presently seeking a System Administrator to maintain the
functionality of the Linux and UNIX servers and network equipment and
work to improve functionality of those systems.

The major responsibilities of this position are as follows:

1. Server Support (15%)
2. Troubleshooting / User support (25%)
3. Billing Server Support (5%)
4. Backups (10%)
5. System Monitoring (10%)
6. Server Patches / Firmware upgrades (10%)
7. Projects (25%)

Minimum Qualifications:

* Three to five years experience as a System Administrator.
* Three years experience with Debian and Redhat Linux
* Experience with Apache Server administration
* Experience with Tomcat and JBoss servers
* Experience with server hardware troubleshooting and repair (primarily Compaq)
* Experience with LVS (Linux Virtual Server), LMS (Logical Volume Management)
  and custom kernel builds.

Special Skills/Requirements:
* Tru64 and Solaris operating systems a plus
* Samba, NFS, BIND
* Nagios, MRTG, SNMP
* Back-up systems, especially Legato Networker

In addition to our excellent work environment and opportunities for
professional growth, ATX provides a comprehensive benefits plan to
meet your specific needs. Here is a quick overview of the benefits
available to ATX employees. Complete information on these plans is
distributed upon hire.

	Health Insurance 	
	Dental Insurance 	
	Vision Coverage 	
	Short-Term Disability	
	Life Insurance 	
	401(k) Plan 	
	Stock Option Plan 	
	Tuition Assistance 	
	Earned Time Off 	
	Excellent Work Environment 	
	Learning Management System Training 	
	Long Term Disability	
	Opt-Out Option	
	Flexible Spending Accounts		
	529 College Savings Plan	
	Employee Discount Program	

Interested applicants should submit their resume to
operations.recruiter@atx.com  Salary range is 65k-75k.  

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