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[PLUG] Job posting: Unix Systems Administrator (1 yr, part-time)

Assistant Unix System Administrator (1-year contract, part-time)


This is a perfect internship position for a recent graduate or
career shifter who desires to get in-depth experience as a unix
systems administrator.

Act as technical resource and assistant system administrator under
the direction of the lead unix system administrator. Maintains the
operation of central unix system hardware and software paying
particular attention to the reliability, availability and security
of these systems.  Maintains server-based network services,
including mail, web and domain-name services as well as providing
backup support in maintaining the campus network. Position works
collaboratively with others on the ITS staff and occasionally with
other college departments and student groups.


Assists in the Maintenance of Central Unix Systems Hardware & Software

*¢Install, configure and maintain hardware on Red Hat linux servers
  and associated disk and tape drives. Configure and maintain storage
  systems, RAID levels and EMC SAN devices.

* Maintain Red Hat linux system software and utilities. Write and
  modify perl scripts as needed.  Enhance security via host-based
  firewalls and tcp wrappers on applications.

* Arrange for technical support and hardware repair assistance from
  system vendors as needed.

* Maintain Apache web servers on central systems as well as accounts
  and privileges for web content providers. Maintain cgi and other
  dynamic links from web pages to databases and related applications.
  Assist in the creation of ITS web pages.

* Maintain a robust e-mail service for the College. Major components
  include smtp, procmail, AMAVIS, SpamAssassin, Dovecot imap, qpopper,
  Twig, IMP and MailMan. Read postmaster account.

* Maintains network services under unix including DNS and DHCPD.

* Maintain unix and network syslog files. Assist with the
  installation and operation of network management software including
  mrtg, cacti, and Nagios.

Provides Network and Systems Security Services

* Installs and configures host-based firewalls, intrusion detection
  and change monitoring software including iptables, tcp wrappers
  and Tripwire.

* Becomes proficient in the use of nmap, Nessus and Snort/Acid for
  the detection and analysis of network and server security problems.
  Maintains scanning scripts using these tools that integrate with
  Bradford Software Campus Manager to provide for registration and
  enforcement of security policies on desktop computers. Implements
  open source netflow collectors and management/reporting servers.

* Provides instruction and consultation to College departments,
  faculty and students on how to secure their systems.

* Responds appropriately to intrusion attempts, network violations
  and incidents where systems are compromised. Works with departments
  and individuals to determine the extent of the damage and what system
  vulnerability was exploited to gain access. Assists departments and
  individuals restore their systems to pre-attack state and to close
  security holes.

* Respond to major systems problems creating service interruptions
  during off-hours. Occasional evening and weekend work is required at
  these times. Position carries a pager and is on-call for emergencies
  during evenings and weekends.

Academic work in Computer Science or Information Systems. Significant
hands-on experience with Linux (Red Hat a plus), Perl, TCP/IP protocols,
and Windows. Network and unix security knowledge or experience a plus.
Cisco experience a plus.

Interested applicants should email their resume to

Fran Gelfand
Unix Systems Administrator
Swarthmore College
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