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Re: [PLUG] Increase in SSH break-in attempts?

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Mike Leone wrote:

>Anybody else noticing an increase lately, in the number of break-in attempts
>via SSH? I'm seeing more and more things like this, over the last few weeks:

Yeah, since around October of 2004. I have a copy of the script
somewhere that I found on an advisory site when I was researching the
issue. It started out just polling for about 4-5 common users.
Apparently what you have is an expanded user list. Sad thing is this
script has apparently been working, hence its popularity.

I never worried as long as I never allowed root to log in via SSH, and
as long as I had a unique uid and a strong password. But for users on
larger systems, that may not be an option.

I finally got sick of the logs and moved my SSH listen port to some
high numbered port and my logs have cleaned up 100%. For me it was
well worth the inconvenience of having to use an alternative port. YMMV.



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