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RE: [PLUG] Increase in SSH break-in attempts?

Assuming you are using sudo to alleviate having to give out the root
password I suppose you would be more susceptible to an attack if the
attacker knows a login that is configured in /etc/sudoers. I think that is a
lot to assume the attacker knows but I suppose it does open you up a bit
more then just using su.

At least as far as I know, anyone want to elaborate or drop some knowledge
on us? I am always up for learning something new.

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I have a system that uses 'sudo <command>' instead of 'su', though I
have created a real root account in addition.  Does this create a
greater risk for root break-ins?

Chris wrote:

>I always thought this was rather common. When I check our logs I see 30 or
>40 attempts within a minute trying random usernames about once or twice a
>day. So far I have chalked it up to script kiddies or some other vein
>attempt to find an easy way inside. I was surprised to learn our webhost
>(Verio) just recently is disabling remote root login over SSH. Thankfully
>already standardized disabling our root logins but I would hate to think of
>all those people who didn't AND have easily cracked usernames/passwords.
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>Subject: [PLUG] Increase in SSH break-in attempts?
>Anybody else noticing an increase lately, in the number of break-in
>via SSH? I'm seeing more and more things like this, over the last few


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