Mike Leone on 8 May 2005 00:52:46 -0000

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[PLUG] Any experiences with the iRiver portable players?

I need to buy a DAP (digital audio player). I have a portable CD player that plays MP3 data CDs, but I've dropped it once too often, and now it's giving me grief, when playing back discs. :-( And I want a HD based player, so I can fill it up with tunes, and not have to bother with deleting and re-loading, when I get tired of what's on there.

Anyways, I listen to a lot of live recordings, where one song blends directly into the next, and the MP3 player always adds a 1 second delay between songs (I gather that has something to do with the MP3 format). So I thought I'd investigate a player that didn't do that. And I'm told the OGG format won't have that deliberate gap between tracks (nor will FLAC, which is the format most of my concert recordings come in).

The Rio Karma will play both of these open source formats, but the horror stories about the rate of HD failure in the Karma is scaring me off (even tho my friend has one, and has had no problems).

Anyways, the iRiver folks make a model - the H320 - that does MP3 and OGG, and is a 20G HD. And comes with an FM tuner, too, to hear new music. $300 or thereabouts.

Anyways - anybody use one? Know anyone who uses an iRiver? Any advice/alternatives?
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