Michael C. Toren on 10 May 2005 13:30:11 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Tutorials

On Tue, May 10, 2005 at 09:18:16AM -0400, Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> Is there any difference at all between
>     tar $options test.tar $(find ../dir1/)
> and
>     tar $options test.tar `find ../dir1/`

The above examples are identical; see the Command Substitution section of
the bash manpage.  One advantage of the first form is that it nests much
nicer than the second form, which requires the inner backquotes to be


perl -e'$u="\4\5\6";sub H{8*($_[1]%79)+($_[0]%8)}sub G{vec$u,H(@_),1}sub S{vec
($n,H(@_),1)=$_[2]}$_=q^{P`clear`;for$iX){PG($iY)?"O":" "forX8);P"\n"}for$iX){
forX8){$c=scalar grep{G@$_}[$i-1Y-1Z-1YZ-1Y+1ZY-1ZY+1Z+1Y-1Z+1YZ+1Y+1];S$iY,G(
/,\$_/xg;s/X/(0..7/g;s/P/print+/g;eval' #     Michael C. Toren <mct@toren.net>

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