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Re: [PLUG] Free computer.

On 10 May, 2005, at 22:08, Dan Crosta wrote:
I have an old Dec Alpha 600 Mhz computer that I'm preparing to throw away.
(2 x 4 Gb Scsi drives)
Anyone want it?
It's ancient relative to today's stuff, but I remember when...
I'm moving. Let me know.

Do you have any OS disks for it? I'll take it if it'll be easy to get something other than, say, NetBSD (which I already have several boxen for) on it.

FreeBSD runs much better on the Alphas than NetBSD. FreeBSD Alpha is still under active development, don't know about NetBSD.

I already have a pair of XP100s (one is an EV6/7) to go with my other random Alphas.

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