gyoza on 17 May 2005 23:27:13 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Vonage

Michael Lazin wrote:

I know there has been some talk about voice over ip in the past, but I
am wondering, does anyone have it?  What are the down sides to it?  I
am considering switching from DSL and a land line to fiber optic and
voice over ip.  Does anyone have Vonage now and like it?  Or dislke

Vonage works very well for me. (I could refer you and we would both get credit.) 911 is not the regular 911 service. First, you are connected to a local emergency service. Service during a power outage is limited to the life of your UPS, if you have one. Otherwise, the service is great. Unlimited long distance for about $28 total per month. And there are a lot of standard features like voice mail and Caller-ID.

A fax machine is not supposed to work unless you pay extra, but we have a modem type device connected and it seems to get through. (I need to do a test with a regular modem.)

With my Internet connection, heavy uploading can affect call quality. Downloads do not have any affect. I would recommend it for anyone to try.
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