David Coulson on 18 May 2005 01:55:09 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Vonage

Andrew Tsen wrote:
> One bad incident happened to my cable Internet one evening.  I was on the
> phone for about 50 minutes or more and my Internet connection dropped.  I
> had to go and reset the cable modem and the phone adapter.  I m still
> trying to figure out if it was Vonage or if it's Comcast.  Comcast is more
> likely the culprit.

I deliver VoIP through a variety of providers, however I can't get
around the fact that during the massive blackout of 2003, my cable line
was totally dead. DSL still worked, but you need a phone line for that

VoIP is a nice idea and generally works well, but it is still limited by
the stability and the availability of your Internet connection. VoIP
services provided by the Internet carrier (such as ICG's Voicepipe
product) will handle this better since you're not dependent upon the
'Internet' working, but I'm still not going to get rid of my SBC circuit
when I know that they've got a generator in their CO up the road that'll
throw me a dial tone even when everything else is dead. Of course, so
many people use cordless phones these days that it's probably a
pointless argument, but I do still have a nice old phone in the kitchen
that'll work even when the world is dark.


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