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Re: [PLUG] Mac client, Linux server(s)

Art Alexion wrote:

One of Word's dirty little secrets is that a file created on one windows
computer will not even look the same on another windows computer
depending on screen resolution, fonts installed, "Style" definitions,
and the arcane settings in "Tools|Options|Compatibility". That,
combined with the ability to hide viruses in Word docs, make it mind
boggling that people email documents primarily intended to be read or
printed (not edited) in word rather than PDFs or just HTML mail.

Since not everyone has the (free) software to create a PDF, I think it would make sense if people shared read-only documents in Postscript. HTML is good, too, but it depends on local fonts and screen size.

I sent a school nurse a medical document, scanned, indexed, and saved as a GIF (I didn't know if she could view a PNG). She wrote back asking me to send it in Word format. The issue was that the lower part of the part wouldn't print or print on the same page. So, I sent her a PDF with the promise that I would send the image inserted into a Word-formated file if necessary. The PDF worked for her.

Actually, the image scaled well, which I didn't expect. She could have scaled it herself, even if she did it within a Word document.

Apparently, the Word format is used because it seems convenient for many people who have MS Word and don't know any better! ;-)
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