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Re: [PLUG] Drexel MCS Society Debate

Thanks to you PLUG folk that showed up at the debate and to all who
helped me prepare in this forum.  I felt reasonably prepared (well I
_did_ kind of read Jon's PDA email almost verbatim.)  I had fun doing it
and feel like I got the Linux/Open Source case across fairly well.  It
helps that the audience appeared to be 98% Linux users :-)

Alex from Microsoft was a bit abrasive at times but overall seemed
fairly reasonable.  What did you observers think?  I found out when
speaking with him before the debate that his job is to go to colleges in
the Delaware Valley area and promote Microsoft tools and products!  He
drives a BMW so evidently it pays well.  I did not know I'd be up
against a professional "hit man".

My wife attended and said I was a bit too nice when he got kind of
snotty.  I told her that I do NOT respond in kind to attitude stuff
because it just escalates without any ultimate benefit to the audience.
I did get off a good one when he was repeatedly denigrating "Linux" for
having so many different installers compared to the nice, easy installer
for Windows.  I told him it was good that Windows installs easily
because I've had to re-install windows dozens of times! :-)  That got a

In retrospect I wish I had the time to brush up on the various types
of licenses.  Ah, well.

Thanks again!

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