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Re: [PLUG] Mac client, Linux server(s)

On 18 May, 2005, at 17:24, gyoza@comcast.net wrote:

William H. Magill wrote:

Windows XP has an option for handling saved Web pages and their folders as one file. If one is deleted, both are deleted. Reminds of the confusion with Mac resource files.

"web archives" are intended to be "entities" - Safari now (finally) offers them also.
They primarily capture what is stored in the browser cache as a file so that the images and such are retained, not merely the text.

The technique is not even close to that of resource forks.

So, what happens when a Mac file is FTP'ed? Is it possible to copy the resource file separately? Does it get copied automatically?

That depends. Normally, you get only the data fork unless you are another Mac.

If you look at a "Mac" file system from another OS, you will see the resource forks as some construct. If I remember correctly under NFS, they are ._<filename> where <filename> is the same as the main data file.

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