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Re: [PLUG] Drexel MCS Society Debate

On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 11:51:34AM -0400, Paul L. Snyder wrote:
>   [30 lines, 181 words, 1297 characters]  Top characters: et_aoins
> Quoting Jeff Abrahamson <>:
> > As is MS policy, he presented mostly FUD.  He even said this.
> > (There's a name for this rhetorical device, although I can't remember
> > it off hand: saying what you won't say and in the process saying it.
> > E.g., "I will not tell you that my opponent is a crook.")  So, for
> > example, those of us who were there may have noticed him saying stuff
> > like, "Of course, both linux and MS have disadvantages."  But then he
> > only enumerated the disadvantages of linux.
> Apophasis.  (I won't say that it's a sleazy trick, but...)
> Your last example would be closer to dirimens copulatio, where a counter-
> case is mentioned to add the appearance of balance to an argument.
> There's a nice list of rhetorical figures to be found at

Cool site, thanks.  I see that the word I searched for was a synonym,
praeteritio, which I learned in high school Latin while studying (I
think) the orations of Cicero.

My lisp experience calls me to wish that Eric had responded in his
rebuttal with something like, "I will not call attention to my
colleague's apophasis."

> P.S. Bonus points for identifying the second rhetorical device in my
> parenthetical comment.

The elliptical construct?


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