Jason Costomiris on 24 May 2005 00:11:37 -0000

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[PLUG] FS: Switches & a PC


Still spring cleaning..  I've got a few things left to get rid of:

1. Linksys 5-port Gigabit Switch - nothing fancy, 5 copper 10/100/1000
ports, auto mdi/mdi-x detection.  Works great, I just needed 8 ports,
so this must go.

2. Cisco Catalyst 2924M-XL-EN - 2 RU tall 24 port 10/100 managed
switch.  Runs Enterprise IOS, currently have 12.0.5 loaded on it.  2
expansion slots which can provide more 10/100 ports (I believe they
come in 4 and 8 port varieties) or Gig (GBIC) ports.

3. P-II/266 PC.  It's actually outfitted pretty well.  It's got 256 MB
RAM, a pair of new 20gb IDE drives, currently mirrored, 2 10/100 NICs
and a 56k modem.  It's an ISA voice modem (actual USR modem, not
winmodem), so you should be a sound card away from a home voicemail
system.  Since it's got 2 NICs, it could also make a nice iptables
firewall.  Heck, even using this box as an ipsec gateway worked.  Box
also has a DVD-ROM drive.  I just did a clean install of CentOS 4.0 on
it this evening and all the hardware showed up and seems to be working

Make me an offer on any of this stuff.  I'm in Mount Laurel, and
prefer to meet up locally.

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