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Re: [PLUG] ISP Recommendations

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Dave Crane wrote:
> Not at all, they just _usually_ coincide.  The only real qualifications
> are reliability, ssh2 ( or SOCKS proxy access to IP range ) and a decent
> pipe (>t1)
> I am willing to buy full hosting packages as long as that's in the mix.

Have you tried nothinbut.net?  Len Pikulski use to host the plug web
site.  http://www.nothinbut.net/  I think len offers T1 line access

> TIA,
> dave
> On Tue, 31 May 2005 14:09:34 -0400
> "Chris" <chris@jynx.net> wrote:
>>Does it have to be an ISP?  I've worked for 4 ISP's in philly and none
>>of them offered shells ;(
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>>First off, I have extensively googled this and am simply looking for
>>opinions from people with first-hand experience....
>>I am looking for an ISP in Philly from which I can purchase shell
>>(ssh2) access.  I prefer to give my business to smaller local ISP's
>>who actively use/support Linux.
>>It is critical the ISP is in Philly area and the zip code returned by
>>the ARIN net block owner reflect this.  I cannot use a provider in
>>Texas (or Cali or Kansas...).
>>TIA for any opinions, good or bad.

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