John Von Essen on 31 May 2005 18:42:20 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] ISP Recommendations


I usually have some restraint in self-promotion, but... My company
( does web hosting and colo. My web hosting plans offer SSH
access as an optional add-on. In addition to prepackaged plans, I also
provide custom services. For example, you dont want email or web hosting,
just an SSH account, and so on. So I recommend myself!

My cage is at a larger colo in Center City, however, my IP's are owned by
the upstream provider, their address is in King of Prussia.

The only negative for you might be that the servers are FreeBSD and not
Linux. I am not sure if you were specifically looking for SSH access on a
Linux machine. Obviously, from userland, there are few differences. You
can use pine, or traceroute, or ssh out to other machines, etc.,. I have
MySQL databases running locally, so you test code for web applications,

If interested, just drop me a line.


On Tue, 31 May 2005, Dave Crane wrote:

> First off, I have extensively googled this and am simply looking for
> opinions from people with first-hand experience....
> I am looking for an ISP in Philly from which I can purchase shell (ssh2)
> access.  I prefer to give my business to smaller local ISP's who
> actively use/support Linux.
> It is critical the ISP is in Philly area and the zip code returned by
> the ARIN net block owner reflect this.  I cannot use a provider in Texas
> (or Cali or Kansas...).
> TIA for any opinions, good or bad.
> dave
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