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[PLUG] Upcoming schedule, and some meeting notes

A few notes regarding our upcoming schedule:

    - For the July meeting this Wednesday, Greg Dean will be presenting
      his talk on Statistics Programs.  For details, please see the
      meeting announcement I just posted.

    - We have no speaker for August 3rd.  If you'd like to give a 45 to
      60 minute presentation, please send a proposal to the list, or
      show up in person this Wednesday with your suggestion.  This is a
      great opportunity to learn a new skill you've been putting off,
      and to share with others what you've learned.

    - For September, Ken Brown will be flying in from out of state to
      speak to us about Greenplum's Bizgres project, which, quoting from
      the bizgres.org website, "aims to make PostgreSQL the world's most
      robust open source database for Business Intelligence".

    - Skipping a few months ahead, in his annual December timeslot Mark
      Jason Dominus will be presenting a talk on the History of Classic
      Unix Security Holes.  This will be the forth year that Mark has
      given a December PLUG presentation.

Also, just a note that on Wednesday I'll have some Ubuntu CD's to give
away which Canonical was kind enough to provide to us, along with one
copy of the July issue of Free Software Magazine.


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