M. Jackson Wilkinson on 3 Aug 2005 05:09:18 -0000

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[PLUG] [OT] Use of a Mac/Ideas needed

Okay, so this is totally random, but I've exhausted all options I thought I may have had...

My college a cappella group recorded tracks for a CD last semester using Protools 6.4 on a mac. I was going to spend the summer mixing them down using Protools 6.4 for windows. All of the tracks I set up myself work fine, but the other guys who were running some of the sessions forgot to check off "Enforce PC/Mac Compatibility)". So I can't access those tracks to work with them until they're re-saved with that box checked on a mac.

So now I'm home, far from school at this point (went to school in Maine), and don't know anyone who owns a mac.

So I need to find a Mac. Catches: It needs to have Panther (10.3), since 6.4 won't run on Tiger and apparently has issues sharing files with Jaguar.

I went to the local mac shop to ask to use one for the afternoon, and they were willing except that all their boxes run Tiger. The local schools and libraries won't let me go installing stuff.

Anyone on this list have a mac that they'd be willing to let me get at for an hour or so (give or take) so I can convert these files? Or, alternatively, does anyone have a running ProTools 6.4 setup that would be able to download 5gb or so and re-save these?

Will travel, will buy lunch, will do more or less anything that doesn't involve spending ~$100 to upgrade ProTools to the new version that runs on Tiger.

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