Christopher M. Jones on 3 Aug 2005 15:23:21 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] [OT] Use of a Mac/Ideas needed

I have a PowerBook G3 running Panther. I'd be happy to help, though I
don't have Protools. If you send what I need I'll be happy to help.

On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 01:08 -0400, M. Jackson Wilkinson wrote:
> Okay, so this is totally random, but I've exhausted all options I 
> thought I may have had...
> My college a cappella group recorded tracks for a CD last semester using 
> Protools 6.4 on a mac.  I was going to spend the summer mixing them down 
> using Protools 6.4 for windows.  All of the tracks I set up myself work 
> fine, but the other guys who were running some of the sessions forgot to 
> check off "Enforce PC/Mac Compatibility)".  So I can't access those 
> tracks to work with them until they're re-saved with that box checked on 
> a mac.
> So now I'm home, far from school at this point (went to school in 
> Maine), and don't know anyone who owns a mac.
> So I need to find a Mac.  Catches: It needs to have Panther (10.3), 
> since 6.4 won't run on Tiger and apparently has issues sharing files 
> with Jaguar.
> I went to the local mac shop to ask to use one for the afternoon, and 
> they were willing except that all their boxes run Tiger.  The local 
> schools and libraries won't let me go installing stuff.
> Anyone on this list have a mac that they'd be willing to let me get at 
> for an hour or so (give or take) so I can convert these files?  Or, 
> alternatively, does anyone have a running ProTools 6.4 setup that would 
> be able to download 5gb or so and re-save these?
> Will travel, will buy lunch, will do more or less anything that doesn't 
> involve spending ~$100 to upgrade ProTools to the new version that runs 
> on Tiger.
> Cheers,
> Jack
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