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Re: [PLUG] USB memory stick won't unmount

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 11:05:44AM -0400, Greg Helledy said:
> Another issue which began after I upgraded to sarge is that my USB flash 
> drive won't unmount.  I mount it, and have no problem reading from or 
> writing to it, but when I try to unmount it, I get two identical lines, 
> like:
> \mnt\usbkey:  device is busy
> The result is the same using KDE or the console.  I'm sure I've closed 
> all the files residing on the drive, and have even closed the konqueror 
> window showing the contents.  Even su'ing doesn't let me unmount it.
> Note that I don't have this problem with the CD drives, only the flash 
> drive.  I am using the stock debian kernel image for 2.4.27-k7.  Anyone 
> else seen this?

Konqueror uses fam to track file changes, and fam in sarge does a poor
job of releasing files.  HUP'ing famd (or /etc/init.d/famd restart) will
let you umount it cleanly.  I think there are already open bug reports,
hopefully they get a fixed version in in a point release.

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