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Re: [PLUG] BlackDog

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Jeff Abrahamson wrote:

> A $200 USB-based linux box.  Boots in < 2 sec.  Biometric security
> (whatever they mean by that, they don't say).  Very cool.
> Question: how do they leave no trace on the host computer and yet
> still display X apps on the host's monitor?  Any guesses?

Well the page you listed states, "Leaves No Trace. BlackDog leaves no
trace of your application or data on the host computer."

It doesn't say that it leaves no trace of BlackDog. It could be read
as "BlackDog leaves no trace of your application or data -- which
you've installed on BlackDog -- on the host computer."

Maybe they're using JVM... I'd lean toward NX (which can be run full
screen) however. They refer to it as "Projecting" the server on to
the host PC which sounds to me like some form of remote desktop
(VNC/RDP/NX) family of tricks.

"... when you are done, you simply remove BlackDog and everything on
the host is returned to its original state."

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