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Re: [PLUG] Mouse puzzle

> For various reasons, I would like to throw away mouse A and use mouse
> B instead, except that I also want mouse B to work.
> I don't think there is a problem with the mouse protocol
> configuration; I think the problem is at a lower level.  Here is why.
> I unplug mouse A and plug in mouse B instead, the little program dumps
> out nothing.  When I plug mouse A back in, the program dumps out data
> again.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for what I might try next?

Plug it into a non linux/unix system and test it, plug it into a different
system and test it, etc.

You have so far tried a software explanation, but nothing in this post
says to me that the mouse ACTUALLY works.  Everything seems to say that
the mouse gives you no response so it could be something as simple as "the
mouse is broken".

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