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Re: [PLUG] disk to disk copy

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On Wed, August 17, 2005 12:10 pm, wrote:
> What is a good utility for copying a hard drive to a new, larger drive?
> I just learned about partimage, but I don't want to waste time creating
> an image.  I'm looking for something that has a GUI and that does direct
> copying.  Does "dd" have any GUIs?
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Personally I use tar. I tried rsync for this, but tar is much faster, and
if you're not dealing with a live system, you don't have to worry about
checksums and timestamp checks.

If you want to copy the Windows partition can't you just mount it under
linux and use tar again.

Basically I do the following:

boot the old machine
partition the new hdd
mount the new harddrive (eg.: sdb -> /mnt/sdb)
cd /; tar --exclude "./proc" --exclude "./sys" --exclude "./mnt/sdb"
- --exclude "./dev" -cpSf - . | (cd /mnt/sdb/; tar -xpvSf -)
I then create proc, sys and dev, I mknod a couple of critical devices
without which the system doesn't boot
(/dev/console,/dev/null,/dev/kmem,/dev/kmsg), run grub/lilo and install
the boot loader.

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