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Re: [PLUG] disk to disk copy

On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 04:17:09PM -0400, Cosmin Nicolaescu wrote:
> Personally I use tar. I tried rsync for this, but tar is much faster,
> and if you're not dealing with a live system, you don't have to worry
> about checksums and timestamp checks.

rsync's "--ignore-times" and "--size-only" work well for situations where
this really matters, although honestly, I haven't found much of a need for
these flags in practice.

> If you want to copy the Windows partition can't you just mount it under
> linux and use tar again.

Both rsync and tar probably won't deal well with file system types that
support non-standard unix file attributes.  I don't know if NTFS or FAT32
fall into this category or not, or if some of these attributes need to be
set on some files in order for Microsoft Window's to boot and operate
properly, but I would suspect that they do.


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