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Re: [PLUG] ISPs (again)

Yeah DCA recently updated their site and it's a bit more difficult to find
their DSL signup page... which is here:

I've had them for 4 years now and it has been great. They will give you a
/29 block if you want one, which is also nice. They offer pretty much any
DSL line that either Vz or Covad offers, but at a bit of a premium. They do
package some good services along with it...

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> Sorry to bother you guys again,
> I just called Verizon and FIOS is not available where I'm going to be
> moving (they said that Philly is a special case because of their plans for
> wireless in the city, and that they won't let them install theirs -
> whatever).
> I was looking at DCANet, but their website is awful (in my opinion). What
> services do they provide? They have their business services taking up half
> the page, 3/4 say 'call them', and the one that works doesn't give any
> useful information (it's basically a for-management marketing page).
> So my question was, what service(s) does DCANet offer (cost/month, d/l &
> u/l speeds), and what other ISPs (except Comcast, I'd really like to avoid
> them) do people have in Philly?
> Thanks,
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