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Re: [PLUG] ISPs (again)

If someone had time it would be neat to setup a page where Philly area IP
access was described and rated. These questions get asked often and it
would be helpful.

Personally I think if you want to stay away from Comcast and you can't get
better then DSL, I would choose DCAnet. I agree their web page is not much
but you really have to call and talk to a representative. They were very
helpful to me in getting my DSL connection almost a year ago.

They use Verizon services but offer you a fully open port, static IP's
(MAC/DHCP assigned) and reliable service. Speed depends (like it does with
Verizon) on line distance and quality. I get very consistent 1.5/364
speeds but I am not typical as I am on an RT and the speed limit is an
equipment limit not DCAnet. You should get 3 megs or possibly more at most
locations. Their price is more - $44/month paid quarterly - then Verizon
at $29 or whatever they are charging now, but with Verizon you do not get
static and they could block ports or limit use.

I expect to move over to FIOS soon as Verizon has wired my area. They are
not marketing it yet though. Rumor is that DCAnet might have an offering
thru them. Lets hope so.


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