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Re: [PLUG] ISPs (again)

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 10:12:36AM -0400, Doug Crompton wrote:
> They use Verizon services but offer you a fully open port, static
> IP's (MAC/DHCP assigned) and reliable service. Speed depends (like
> it does with Verizon) on line distance and quality. I get very
> consistent 1.5/364 speeds but I am not typical as I am on an RT and
> the speed limit is an equipment limit not DCAnet. You should get 3
> megs or possibly more at most locations. Their price is more -
> $44/month paid quarterly - then Verizon at $29 or whatever they are
> charging now, but with Verizon you do not get static and they could
> block ports or limit use.

You pay $44/mo = $528/yr ?  I'm paying DCA $80/month, but annually, so
about $900/yr, for 1.5 Mb down / 384 Kb up service over Covad.

I asked them recently about faster service or lower prices and they
said I could switch from Covad to Verizon.  But the numbers they gave
me assumed I already had a Verizon land line, which I don't.  Once I
added in the cost of a land line, the price was almost the same as it
is  now.

So how do you get 1.5/364 for $44/mo?

And, Cosmin, how are you looking at getting 3 Mb / 768 Kb in the city?
How much are you looking at paying for that?


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