Clyde Magas on 21 Aug 2005 01:21:09 -0000

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[PLUG] No sound in Rosegarden...

I have a simple box (Pentium III - 466MHz) running SuSE Professional
9.3... I'm using the "on board" sound card - a VT82C686 AC97 sound

I've downloaded Rosegarden, as well as the ALSA Drivers, LADASPA, and
the Jack Audio Connector Kit... everything "seems" to have downloaded
properly, as I can boot up Rosegarden without a problem...

I've also run "alsaconf" without an issue - I even have the majestic
fanfare playing at the end...

When I run Rosegarden, I have no sound... look into JACK - everything
appears to be "hooked up" properly... no error messages, but also no

Any thoughts or insights aould be appreciated...


Clyde Magas

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