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RE: [PLUG] Got it

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   >Subject: [PLUG] Got it
   >	Many thanks to Kam Salisbury- I was using the incorrect syntax to mount
   >the share- I did, indeed, need to specify -uid=adam after the -o option
   >rather than username=adam.
   >	Thanks to all for the assistance.


For everyone still scratching their head over  why would smbfs be of any use:

A Simple plan for Win32 client backups:
1. Write a bash script, maybe using fping to test a list of hosts to be online tcp139 and/or 445. (Or just stroll around your house and turn them all on, my technique of choice.)
2. Create a root viewable only password file with the info needed by the mount command. Hint: See the smbfs and smbmount man pages for details
3. Write a simple bash script to mount all the Win32 c$ client shares. (clue: not applicable to Win9x/me clients)
4. Use flexbackup or some other program to backup the clients to a USB2.0 harddisk or other media.
5. Enjoy beverage of choice while backups complete. Repeating this task weekly or monthly depending on your needs.
6. Practice good skills and umount the clients after the backups complete.

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