Tim W. on 23 Aug 2005 17:24:57 -0000

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I was phone solicited by Verizon this morning to hook up to FIOS. First
month free, Free installation and router, I think it was around $30 for
5Mb and $42 for 15Mb/month. I politely declined for now and then contacted
DCAnet, my current DSL provider. They do not have an agreement with
Verizon yet on ISP'ing with FIOS. They are looking into it and hope to
soon. So I will wait.

At least at this point, VZ is only taking 100% resellers of the VZ service -- no branding or alternate backhauls or even value-adds. They also won't be splitting off the ISP and video services so the current DSL model seems unlikelty at this point. On the bright side, thay have already signed agreements with some television networks and are still planning on delivering a-la-carte television services over FIOS by the end of 2005.

Tim Wesemann
Voicenet Systems Administration

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