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[PLUG] Ohio LinuxFest, Saturday October 1st, 2005

----- Forwarded message from Chris Clymer <cclymer@gmail.com> -----

For the past two years, Ohio LinuxFest has brought hundreds of Linux
users to Columbus for an enjoyable day of community and informative Open
Source talks. Showing no signs of slowing down, the third annual Ohio
LinuxFest 2005 will be held on Saturday October 1st, 2005 at the Greater
Columbus Convention Center (400 North High Street) in downtown Columbus.
This one-day conference will last from 8AM-Midnight with greatly
expanded sessions, expo, and an after conference reception. Join us and
consider making a weekend out of it!

Important Dates for Ohio LinuxFest Fans:

* TODAY  register for free for the 3rd Annual Ohio LinuxFest

* TODAY - secure your hotel room reservation

* September 1, 2005 - corporate sponsorship commitment deadline

* October 1, 2005  The 3rd Annual Ohio LinuxFest

Scheduled guests include:

* Paul Ferris (Westfield Insurance)
* Rich Bowen (Apache Foundation)
* Jim McQuillan (Linux Terminal Server Project)
* Kristian Kielhofner (AstLinux Distribution)

..and many more.

Please check our website for many recently released updates like venue
information, accommodations, individual sponsorship opportunities, etc.
Our official website is Ohio LinuxFest website is

For additional Ohio LinuxFest information, please sign up for our
mailing list http://www.ohiolinux.org/mailinglist.html or drop into
our irc channel on irc.oftc.net at #ohiolinux

Want to help?

Help within your local community
* Tell your friends, fellow UG members, and colleagues about this event.
* Promote Ohio LinuxFest 2005 by distributing our flier wherever Linux
users gather.
* Organize a carpool and/or roomsharing.

Help this event be the best ever...
* Join our event planning team.
* Recommend a corporate sponsor or become an individual sponsor
(pending paypal link)
* Tell us how your favorite .org could enhance the expo, suggest a
Birds-of-a-Feather topic, or suggest a brilliant idea.
Just email us at team@ohiolinux.org

Hope to see you there!


The Ohio LinuxFest 2005 Team

Ohio Linuxfest 2005 is sponsored by:
Gold: Novell and Digium
Silver: Astaro, N2Net, Pantek, Hurricane Labs, and Westfield Insurance
Bronze: Strickling Integrated Solutions Inc., Potential Technologies,
Image Stream Internet Solutions, and Spliced Networks
Food and Beverages provided by IBM

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