Dan Roberts on 26 Aug 2005 16:19:33 -0000

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[PLUG] Any Ideas? Corporate maintenance of Global Linux Systems?

Hello All
I work for a large pharma company and we have Linux Workstations,
servers and Linux clusters scattered all over the world at about 5-6
different sites.  This linux environment is generally to support the
scientific computational part of basic drug discovery research.

My question is this:
        Anyone have any thoughts on how to manage software
security patches and the likes on such a network of linux machines.  We
are thinking of looking at Redhat Satellite server and using this to
drive our systems related maintenance of Linux boxes.  But we also use
SUSE quite a bit and I am not sure if the RH server would treat SUSE
        Any thoughts/comments on how others deal with keeping
update would be great information to share..
Thanks for any comments!
Dan Roberts
Trenton, NJ

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