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[PLUG] OT: SRE @ Google

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From:    "Jeff Polo" <>

The group I'm supporting is Engineering (a.k.a. Site
Reliability Engineering, or SRE) This multi-talented group of engineers
all have some mix of Linux/Unix systems administration experience, solid
scripting/coding skills, and a firm understanding of networking.  They are
responsible for ensuring the quality, speed, and uptime of Google's
services and tools and managing the production systems and network they
run on.  From code-level troubleshooting of traffic anomalies to
maintenance of our most cutting edge services; from monitoring and alerts
to building new automation
infrastructure, our SRE engineers are in the thick of everything related
to keeping running at peak.

The guy is interestred in full-time positions, so just email him with a
resume if you'd like to.


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