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Re: [PLUG] RAID Backup Server

Doug Crompton wrote:
> I have been using the removeable drive for backup for awhile. I make a
> copy of the entire operational drive to an identicaly partitioned
> removable. When I started I used internal ATA removables (USB was not
> supported) but then moved over to external USB. Today you could use USB
> internal or external SATA or firewire. All of which are swapable without
> rebooting. The internal ATA approach was not, so I had to turn the drive
> on, reboot, backup, unmount and turn it off.

An external hard drive doesn't qualify as removable media.  You want you
backup media to have less ways of failing, so you want to separate the
read/write mechanism from the media.  If any part of a hard drive
besides the platters fails, your data is lost.

With tapes, DVD, CD, or even floppies you don't have this problem,
making them much more durable.  Would you worry about losing data if you
knocked a DVD off your desk, especially if it were in a case?  How about
if you knocked a hard drive off your desk?

I have accidentally subjected DLT tapes to pretty large g-forces, and
then watched them slide across the room :).  If the tape actually did
physically break, I'd likely be able to fix it.  If that were a hard
drive...  I doubt it.


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