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Re: [PLUG] RAID Backup Server

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Pat Regan wrote:

> An external hard drive doesn't qualify as removable media.  You want you
> backup media to have less ways of failing, so you want to separate the
> read/write mechanism from the media.  If any part of a hard drive
> besides the platters fails, your data is lost.
> With tapes, DVD, CD, or even floppies you don't have this problem,
> making them much more durable.  Would you worry about losing data if you
> knocked a DVD off your desk, especially if it were in a case?  How about
> if you knocked a hard drive off your desk?
> I have accidentally subjected DLT tapes to pretty large g-forces, and
> then watched them slide across the room :).  If the tape actually did
> physically break, I'd likely be able to fix it.  If that were a hard
> drive...  I doubt it.
> Pat
All true, but in my past experience tape is not on my list of things I
want to have. Just bad experiences. I have a thing about non-random
access. I like to see the whole picture. Understanding the problems with
abuse of a drive is important. Since I am the 'backer upper' I can deal
with that. Removable media other than tape is limited to at best
(presently with most equipment) about 5 GB. I will stick with the hard
drive backup. It costs about $100 for 300GB give or take. Hard Dive
capacity is continually rising.

I would never treat raid of any kind as backup. Some failure mode could
wipe out the entire array or enough of it to make it unusable. All it
takes it a massive power surge or lightning strike. No matter how well you
think it is protected it could happen. Large companies with offices in
many cities could easily develope a realtime multiple site backup. smaller
companies would probably have to pay for the service.


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