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Re: [PLUG] RAID Backup Server

Doug Crompton wrote:
> All true, but in my past experience tape is not on my list of things I
> want to have. Just bad experiences. I have a thing about non-random
> access. I like to see the whole picture. Understanding the problems with
> abuse of a drive is important. Since I am the 'backer upper' I can deal
> with that. Removable media other than tape is limited to at best
> (presently with most equipment) about 5 GB. I will stick with the hard
> drive backup. It costs about $100 for 300GB give or take. Hard Dive
> capacity is continually rising.

What about transporting your backups to/from an off site location?  Hard
drives are much more sensitive to heat, cold, and humidity.  Although
heat probably can melt a DVD :).

I am quite paranoid, myself.  I even store my at home personal backups
off site.  It may only be one town away, but it protects me against
fire.  And I would hate to lose the last 5 years worth of digital
pictures :).  I only tend to move my personal backups off site every
6-12 months, though :).


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