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Re: [PLUG] RAID Backup Server

Doug Crompton wrote:
> Yea I guess that is kinda paranoid but since you can do it and it does not
> take much effort then why not. I don't know of anyone that stored photos
> offsite before we had digital. People did use bank boxes more though. I
> guess we still should but somehow I can't be bothered.

I think it is a matter of convenience.  I seem to have over 7000
pictures.  I am not saying they are GOOD pictures, I tend to snap more
pictures when they don't need to be developed :p.  If they weren't
digital I'd have 300 rolls worth of negatives, and only one copy of
them.  I also imagine a box of 7000 pictures would be tough to lug
around, and expensive.

Instead they aren't much more than half a DVD.  I burned my off site
copy and a local copy and it only cost me 50 cents and an hour of my
time :).

I lost a months worth of pictures once when I was careless.  I would be
much more upset if I lost everything.


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