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Re: [PLUG] [OT] Career opportunities

Based on my experience, I wouldn't agree.  Even with MS certifications
and Linux/Microsoft experience, I'm having trouble getting a computer
job.  Actually, I pretty much gave up a while ago.  Although other
factors must be taken into account, I don't agree that a cram school is
worth much these days.

Experience seems to rule with education being used to rule people out.

I'm thinking of volunteering my time to do computer work for recognized
organizations to get recent experience that looks good on my resume. 
Also, consulting and Web work.  I'd also like to take a college class or
two.  Maybe convert my associates degree in electronics to a computer

George Gallen wrote:

>I'm sure all on here will cring....BUT...
>  for maximum chance of employment, I'd go with a Microsoft quickie school.
>  You can put some of them on student loans (low interest), and the
>  schools do have placement services available.
>Having the linux background certainly can't hurt.
>You have remember, since this family, family comes before pride.
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>>Hi, all. I'm asking for general advice from those of you who have some
>>experience or knowledge of the technology job market. I'm finding that
>>my family's financial needs are outpacing my earning potential as a
>>private school teacher. Since I do have some pretty good computer
>>skills, I was thinking I might try to make a start there. The 
>>problem is
>>that my education is in the humanities and my computer 
>>experience is all
>>circumstantial and informal. What are my options?
>>I know Linux (been using it for about seven years), HTML, PHP, some
>>Java, had a course or two in C++, and I know some networking 
>>and general
>>system administration. I'm willing to do anything, as long as there is
>>the chance for advancement. My salary requirements are, at the bare
>>minimum, $30,000. 
>>I've considered self employment as well. Any suggestions there?
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