bergman on 5 Jan 2006 05:40:45 -0000

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[PLUG] time management software for Linux/Win/Linux PDA

First of all, thanks again to Tom Limoncelli for speaking about time managment. 

Here's some info about some software that you may find to be useful...

For several years I used Datebook5 on a Palm pilot for all the nifty PIM 
applications, but I've recently switched to a Sharp Zaurus, running Linux. 
I've begun using the KDE-Pim/Pi package as a replacement for Datebook5 (and 

The application is cross-platform (Windows & Linux, with Linux ARM binaries
available for Sharp Zaurus and HP iQue PDAs), and does calendaring/to-do lists/
contact management/daily journal/password management/time tracking.

The package plays nicely with the KDE PIM tools, and vcal files, and will even 
sync to some mobile phones.

There's a conversion tool to take Palm Pilot data files (Palm Memo, ToDo,
Addressbook and Datebook data) to the format used by the Sharp Zaurus builtin
applications. These are text files that can be hand munged, or imported directly
into the KDE-PIM package on a Linux or Windows desktop.

		(KO/PI, KA/PI, OM/PI, PwM)

		(Palm to Zaurus data file convertor)

		(good for consultants needing to track hourly billing)

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