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Re: [PLUG] SW raid/lvm suse

Doug Crompton wrote:
> How should (or should) the md0 raid partition be formated for LVM? I use
> reisert here in general. But should the raid partition be formated in a
> file system and then the LVM later?

You don't put a filesystem on the block devices underneath LVM.  You use
pvcreate to create an LVM physical volume (PV).  Then, you use vgcreate
to stitch together PVs into a volume group (VG).  You can then slice up
the VG into as many logical volumes as you like.

> It I intend to boot from this array should I create swap and boot
> partitions ouside of the raid on both drives first? If not how should this
> be handled?

I always create my boot partition outside LVM but preferably on a RAID
device.  I don't want to fail to boot because of a drive failure.

You can go either way with the swap.  If uptime is your primary concern,
put the swap on top of a RAID device (I have never tried putting swap on
an LV but I would imagine it should work just fine).

If you want faster swap and don't mind a reboot after a drive failure,
create a swap partition on each disk.

> Is booting from a raid array a good idea in general?

A very good idea.  Redundancy doesn't do you much good if you can't boot
the machine :).

> Hopefully there is someone out there doing something similiar to this.

Probably a lot of people.  I would be happy to share details of the LVM
setup on my desktop if you are interested.


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