Douglas Muth on 19 Jan 2006 22:39:27 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] ASCII files

On 1/19/06, <> wrote:
> This is a modest problem but extremely frustrating.
> For years, and from the name of the program, some of you will guess how
> many years, I have used Multimate as a word processor.  This was a DOS
> program by the same folks that brought you DBASE.  I converted files
> from that to ASCII.txt and then tried to use them in a Linux environment,
> Suse to be precise, and mtype refuses to read the whole file.  It drops
> in the middle of a line where there should be no bizarre characters to
> be read.  Mcopy gives an error messege when I try to invoke it.
> I really want to be able to trash the machine and gain the workspace but
> I don't want to waste time typing everything out again in vi or gnu.

Can you paste here the exact error message that you got from Mcopy? 
Also, could you try running the "file" command on one of these ASCII

If memory serves, MS-DOS files have lines that end with a carraige
return character (CR) followed by a linefeed character (LF).  In
Linux/UNIX, lines are terminated with only a linefeed.  It is possible
that the problems you are having are caused by incorrect line

You may also want to see if your machine has the"dos2unix" utility on
it, which converts MS-DOS text files to UNIX text files.

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