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Re: [PLUG] ASCII files

If you still have access the machine with multimate, I would export them as ascii, then on that same machine, uuencode the files (almost every OS has a uuencode-like utility available for it...). Then bring them over to linux. Remove Ctrl-M's if necessary, then uudecode. There is probably a hidden "funky" character that is screwing everything up.


On Jan 19, 2006, at 5:32 PM, wrote:

This is a modest problem but extremely frustrating.
For years, and from the name of the program, some of you will guess how
many years, I have used Multimate as a word processor. This was a DOS
program by the same folks that brought you DBASE. I converted files
from that to ASCII.txt and then tried to use them in a Linux environment,
Suse to be precise, and mtype refuses to read the whole file. It drops
in the middle of a line where there should be no bizarre characters to
be read. Mcopy gives an error messege when I try to invoke it.
I really want to be able to trash the machine and gain the workspace but
I don't want to waste time typing everything out again in vi or gnu.

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