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Re: [PLUG] stating a tarball on a NAS device..problems

On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 11:32:44AM -0500, Dan Roberts wrote:
>   [34 lines, 143 words, 1044 characters]  Top characters: etarnos\n
> Hello All
> I have several huge 20GB or so tarballs that are NFS mounted onto my
> local system gratis of a remote NAS device..
> Every single time never fails, on my first attempt when I issue the tar
> tvf dan.tar to see the never fails I get this type of
> message>>
>         [snip]
> BUT..when I immediately repeat the command..I can see the contents of
> the tarball no problem as seen below
>         [snip]
> What is this behavior indicative of?  I have a terrible time writing
> to the same NAS device..ftps take forever..  Any clues on how to
> address this would be quite helpful..

This happens to me on an SFS (secure NFS) server over slow
connections.  What's happening is almost surely that the client is
re-establishing its connection to the server.  It doesn't do it fast
enough for you, and so you get an I/O error.  When slow human you try
again, it's already connected.

On a really fast connection (ethernet) with an unloaded server, this
doesn't happen to me.  The remount appears to happen fast enough.

Disclaimer, I haven't traced the client or server to confirm that this
is what's happening.


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