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Re: [PLUG] ubuntu package imake / md5hash error

Christopher M. Jones wrote:

>I've been having a problem with imake on my ubuntu dapper system. For
>the past month or so imake remains unconfigured. The message is:
>Setting up imake (1.0.1-0ubuntu1) ...
>dpkg: error processing imake (--configure):
> failed in buffer_read(fd): md5hash: Input/output error
>I've googled it, and I get nothing. Moreover, after a round of this
>hdparm reports all drive settings unset (dma is off, multi is off, etc.)
>Anybody got a clue what's going on here? 
Have you tried asking in (Its a very high
volume list with a lot of noise, but you can access it with a newsreader
via gmane and just search the headers for relevant stuff.  If you use
Kubuntu, the corollary Kubuntu list is more sane in both volume and
minimal noise.)

My perusal of the Kubuntu list tells me that there are still too many
problems with dapper to use it on a machine that you depend upon.  My
(k)ubuntu experience (about 18 months) is that it is safest to upgrade
no sooner than 6 weeks after the official release.


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