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Re: [PLUG] Eben Moglen of FSF at University of Pennsylvania

On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 01:05:36PM -0500, Neal Parikh wrote:
> There's a talk by Eben Moglen (General Counsel of the Free Software  
> Foundation and co-author of GPLv3) at the University of  
> Pennsylvania's CS Department and I thought people here might be  
> interested. The talk is Wednesday at 6 PM and details (including a  
> map to the room) are below.

i really wish i were still in the area to see this.  i'll buy
anyone who asks him "now that the GPLv3 is out, when will you fix the
GFDL?[1]" a beer the next time i'm out :)


[1] there are a large number of Free Software users who find the
    GFDL to be not so Free as the name would imply.

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