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[PLUG] Eben Moglen of FSF at University of Pennsylvania


There's a talk by Eben Moglen (General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation and co-author of GPLv3) at the University of Pennsylvania's CS Department and I thought people here might be interested. The talk is Wednesday at 6 PM and details (including a map to the room) are below.

- Neal


Eben Moglen
Professor of Law & Legal History, Columbia Law School
General Counsel, Free Software Foundation
Founder and Chairman, Software Freedom Law Center

Wednesday, February 1, 6 PM
Wu and Chen Auditorium
Levine Hall

"From the GPL to the Free Society"

Abstract:  The process for making a software license hardly seems
likely to be the same as the process for making a free society.  But
the 21st century is an ironic locale, and the making of version 3
of the GNU General Public License is actually a very small but not
insignificant moment in the history of freedom.  In this small talk I
consider how "free as in freedom" spreads from the software layer of
the net to the culture of our society.

Bio data: Eben Moglen is a Professor of Law and Legal History at
Columbia Law School. He serves pro bono as General Counsel of the
Free Software Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1985
by Richard Stallman to support the free software movement and the
GNU project. The Free Software Foundation and its GNU General Public
License have been instrumental in the spread of open source software.

In February 2005, Professor Moglen founded the Software Freedom Law
Center, which provides legal representation and other law-related
services to protect and advance free and open source software. In
2003, he received the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Pioneer Award,
an annual prize for individuals who have made a significant contribution
to the empowerment of individuals using computers. He also serves as
Director of the Public Patent Foundation. Professor Moglen received
his PhD in History, MPhil, and JD from Yale.
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